About Me


I’m a Software Engineer with over 7 years of experience in the Tech industry

My journey in the Tech Industry began in 2015, and by 2018, I had discovered my passion for developing impactful software solutions. In 2019, I moved to the Netherlands and joined ING. Beyond my professional commitments, I dedicate time to exploring optimal software development practices. This exploration led to the creation of the Veloxide Example Banking app, my opinion of the ideally architected software application.

I am always open to collaboration and eager to leverage my skills to contribute to meaningful projects. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in collaborating or learning more about my work.

You can also discover more about my professional journey on LinkedIn.

About Veloxide

In 2022, while building software in the programming language Go (a.k.a Golang) for ING, I discovered Rust and learned about its revolutionary characteristics that when combined, set it apart from any other programming language. I believe Rust can bring enormous value to developers, management, and users alike by improving the speed, security, and reliability of a software product, enhancing the developer experience, and accelerating software delivery. Rust’s own slogan is “fast, reliable, productive: pick three”, and I strongly believe it delivers on that statement.

I created this site, Veloxide—a portmanteau of the Latin word ‘Velox’, meaning swift or fast, and ‘Oxide’ to allude to Rust (an iron oxide) —to share my insights on software development. Here, you’ll find articles and projects aimed at helping anyone involved in software - from developers and managers to end users - create and use better software, faster.

I hope you enjoy the site and ideally learn a thing or two!



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